The perfect gift (and dinner) for Father’s Day

The grilling season is here and it’s high time. I’m getting a little tried of the winter/spring menu items I put on the table each night like pot roast and pork chops. Suddenly there’s an entire host of tasty dinners that hubby can do on the grill, with minimum effort on my part! Is there any better reason to love summer?!

Several years back, hubby wanted a mountain bike. I admittedly was cruel and laughed at this request. You see, he’s not a very athletic person and I just knew that the bike would sit in our garage taking up space and sprouting cobwebs from its handlebars. So, instead of that gift, I purchased a deep fat fryer for him. My youngest son broke into laughter when he saw it. “That is the antithesis of mountain bike,” he said.

He was right and I felt kind of bad it all. But we did enjoy some special meals we dubbed “everything on our plates is brown” days. We had deep fat fried shrimp and chicken and stuffed jalapenos. Not healthy stuff but a lot of fun to dip and eat.
And the big guy bought his own mountain bike later that year. It has lived in our garage for about six years now. I believe it was ridden a handful of times and now is predictably taking up space and sprouting cobwebs from its handlebars.

But my guilt over that deep fat fryer continued and I recently made amends. You see, I saw this infomercial on TV. It was one of those 30 minute programs that runs early on weekend mornings that try to hook you into making a serious credit card purchase before you’ve even had your morning coffee. Not fair.
It was the “Air Fryer” and boy, did the food they cooked in it ever look good! One of my brothers told me they’d just bought one for themselves. “Check it out for me,” I said. “And let me know if it is as easy to clean as they say.”

Within a week I had a solid recommendation from them that the air fryer was everything the ad had shown and more!

We are now the proud owners of the machine. So far we’ve tried air fried fish filets, air fried chicken, air fried coconut shrimp, air fried turkey breast (and now I’m starting to sound like Forrest Gump’s best friend Buba describing shrimp recipes).

Our best meal to date is Cornish hen, with a crisp, delicate skin and juicy meat. It’s simple, too! Brush on olive oil and season to taste. Air fry at 350 degrees: 10 min. with breast up, 10 min. with breast down, and 10 min. with breast up again. You’ll love it!

So on sunny summer days, hubby can cook on the grill. On rainy or windy summer days, he can air fry to his heart’s delight. This a win-win situation for me. So, ladies—Father’s Day is right around the corner. Get the man a fryer— a gift everyone will love (especially mom)!

air fryer cornish hen

Crisp skin and a delicate, moist meat! Try it!