Stars & Stripes Fly Over Harbor Again

Flag Pole over the old Coast Guard Station on Beaver Island, MI.

The crew worked for hours on the project.

The Flying Wallendas televised June 15 tightrope walk across Niagara Falls was not as entertaining nor as meaningful as the “high wire”
work of a crew of Islanders on June 16.  

They gathered early in the morning in hopes the wind would be calm for their planned work to reset the old Coast Guard flag pole on Whiskey Point, which has stood as a sentinel on the harbor for more years than any one can remember.

The crew was assembled from CMU, the township and Wojan Excavating.  John Works Jr., Darrell Butler Jr., Jim Wojan, Steve Crandall, Bruce Cull, Brad Coffell and Chris Smith coordinated two pieces of machinery and maneuvered a huge number of ropes which were outfitted to lift the pole into its suspended position. Some had to don safety harnesses for the “hire wire” work required on the structure.

The heavy duty cap, which holds the flagpole and a 16 foot extension in place, had to be  remanufactured. And the old wrought iron weathervane was given a new lease on life when Works replaced the old dry and splintered wood with a re-crafted model made from Beaver Island cedar.

For the whole story, see the July issue of NorthernIslander.

Old Coast Guard Boat House has new mission

The old Coast Guard Boat House on Beaver Island’s Paradise Bay has a whole new Great Lakes mission.

Dr. Donald Uzarski conducts a tour of the new facility.

Dr. Donald Uzarski, Director of CMU’s Biological Station and the Director of the CMU Institute for Great Lakes Research, is enthusiastic about the work accomplished this winter which turned the old structure into a state of the art experimental mesocosm facility.

Each of the twelve 250-gallon tanks inside represents a small experimental aquatic ecosystem that will be filled with water from Lake Michigan. Scientists will be able to study a seemingly endless variety of aquatic life and also be able to replicate identical conditions in two or three other mesocosms, leading to sound scientific data.  The complete story and a tour of the facility with Dr. Uzarski appears in the May issue of NorthernIslander.