And finally…it’s starting to look like spring!

New kids on the block

Adam and Micah Richards show two of the new kids in their goat herd.

The sun is finally warming this place up a bit and we’re hopeful all the snow will be just a memory by the end of this week! The ice and snowstorm that started in the area on Friday the 13th was pretty awesome. We thought at first we dodged the bullet but then got dumped on, first with piles of ice crystals and then a second round of snow.

The May issue is nearly ready to send out the printer and I had to resort to some ‘fake news’ – photos of what spring usually looks like here on Beaver Island.

But daffodils are courageously rearing their heads through the snow banks and a loon was heard over Font Lake just the other day. Robins are everywhere, searching for bugs and grubs amidst the lingering piles of snow.

And spring is also bringing a bevy of babies, too! Lambs, bunnies, fox kits, and goat kids are bringing smiles to everyone’s faces…you just can’t help loving the little critters.

The McDonough clan are busy re-stocking the shelves at the store, which were looking a tad bare in the last few weeks. We’re all excited about that and seeing our favorite cereals and cookies lined up again.

Most of us are chomping at the bit to get out and do some yard work, but we’ll have to wait for the final thaw to get our work completed.

Our friends and relations from the sunshine state and other warm winter spots are finally returning to the Island and we’re so happy to see their faces again.

In short, we’re over winter’s hump and happy to be on the other side. Pray for plenty of sun and warm weather in the weeks to come so Memorial Weekend will be perfect for all! See you then!