Getting into the spirit of the Beaver Beacon with a look at its archives

Fall colors on Beaver Island, MI.

The trees are late in changing colors this year but are lovely today with a bright blue sky as a backdrop.

If you haven’t heard yet, the NorthernIslander has purchased the Beaver Beacon. Plans are underway to launch the first Beacon supplement (which will be included as part of the NorthernIslander several times each year). In an effort to make the Beacon a true reflection of the community, we have asked several groups to assist and share their talents. The first group of contributors include students at the BI Community School, the Historical Society, the Wildlife Club, Capt. Glen Felxison, and the Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association. We hope this supplement is ready to launch in January. And if you’d like to consider becoming a Beacon contributor (photos, stories, etc.), please call Elaine with your ideas (231.448.3046).

To get into the spirit of the Beacon, we’ve been looking over the archives…and it is VERY fun! The monthly newsletter was started in 1955 and edited and published by the Board of Directors of the BI Civic Association. At first it was usually 2 or 3 pages long and was mailed out with a 2 cent stamp. We found some real gems to share from the fall issues of 1955 and 1956. Enjoy!

DAY O’ THE MONTH…Halloween. A new twist in the direction of the old idea was given this year at the children’s Halloween party, the eve before the feast of All Saints. Boys and girls were encouraged to imitate and helped to dress like “holy people.” Awards went to Eddie and Jeanie Wojan for their impersonation of a Franciscan Friar and a Dominican Nun; also to Barbara (the Angel) Gatliff, and to Margaret, Pauline and Sara Kenwabikise, the Three (Good) Little Bears.

FISH FACTS – According to Mike Cull, Mr. Warren Ballard of Saginaw spent last week on the Island buying perch for shipment out of his Saginaw frozen fish processing plant. He bought around 2,500 lbs. and mentioned the possibility of a packing plant on the Island if local fishermen were able to supply enough fish. He paid 7 cents per lb. with an added 3 cent bonus.

RUN-AWAY RADISH…Weighing in at close to 7 lbs. with a length of 23 inches and circumference of 15 inches was grown by Sr. Cletus in her garden behind the convents. If anyone hears of a “radish race,” we think she has an entry.

REAL 9 HOLE GOLF Course…is now under construction on the Island. Ex-Pro golfer Matt Melville will be back before long to his one-time profession. The earth having its face lifted right now under Matt’s direction sis on the farm known to Islander as “Big Tom’s” located on the East Road about 3 miles from town. At present Gary McDonough and Pete (the Swede) have disked the fairways in front of the clubhouse. Matt says, “It will be known as SHAMROCK HILLS GOLF COURSE.”