Fall weather sure is unpredictable…but beautiful

Font lake calm

With the winds calm, the skies were reflected perfectly in Font Lake.

Fall is upon us now and weather changes are daily, sometimes hourly occurrences. Last weekend was the perfect farewell to some lovely temperatures and blue skies. On Saturday, Kuebler Trail was the spot to meet friends and neighbors and even neighborhood dogs. All were out enjoying nature’s snow of colored leaves (finally) and sunshine.

This week, the gales of November came in a little early. As Winnie the Pooh would say, “We had some blustery kinds of days.”

After rain, and wind, and power outages, all those lovely leaves scattered, and tree limbs downed, the weather turned again. Wednesday was beautiful and as I passed Font Lake, the sky was repainted in the waters below. I just had to stop to admire it all. Luckily, I had my camera in the car to capture the moment to share.

Today we’re back to dark skies and rain and yet more wind. They say Halloween could even bring some white stuff in the air (either they are talking about snow or the feathers of geese flying south). But today, I’ll embrace the gloom, perhaps stick a cake in the oven or start up a slow-cooking pot roast. Every season seems to have its benefits!