And finally…it’s starting to look like spring!

New kids on the block

The sun is finally warming this place up a bit and we’re hopeful all the snow will be just a memory by the end of this week! The ice and snowstorm that started in the area on Friday the 13th was pretty awesome. We thought at first we dodged the bullet but then got dumped […] Read more »

And yet another reason to love Beaver Island!

microbrewery room

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” – Benjamin Franklin Soon, there will be even more happiness on Beaver Island as the Whiskey Point Brewing Company moves forward with their plans to open a microbrewery early this summer! The site is the old McDonough’s Market building, which Patrick McGinnity, […] Read more »

Learning an important lesson from Islanders

Spring on BArney's

My birthday gift this year was a special one to be sure: One full day in the Emerald City (that would be Traverse City) to do anything my heart desired. Oh, I was heady with the thought of eating at all my big city favorites spots, shopping at the holy trinity of stores (Kohl’s, Michael’s […] Read more »

Getting a new TV for Christmas…GOOD LUCK!

Ah technology...makes our life simpler?

Here’s one from my holiday archives and here is hoping you all have a very merry Christmas! During my annual flurry of pre-holiday cleaning I decided to tackle the dust coating our television. After removing the protective quarter-inch of fuzz, the machine suddenly made a frightening buzzing sound, flashed me farewell and departed into the […] Read more »

Fall weather sure is unpredictable…but beautiful

Font lake calm

Fall is upon us now and weather changes are daily, sometimes hourly occurrences. Last weekend was the perfect farewell to some lovely temperatures and blue skies. On Saturday, Kuebler Trail was the spot to meet friends and neighbors and even neighborhood dogs. All were out enjoying nature’s snow of colored leaves (finally) and sunshine. This […] Read more »