Winter Wonderland on Beaver Island

A snowfall on Beaver Island.

Yesterday’s 15 inches of snow coated the roads and trees.

This winter has really been something to behold! Along with the frigid temperatures that the whole nation  is suffering through, we’re getting one heck of a lot of snow – and it’s staying power is amazing; nothing is melting away.

According to Jacque LaFreniere, official National Weather Observer for the Island, here are the totals as of this morning, Jan. 23, 2014:
Nov., 2013: 3 inches
Dec., 2013: 48 inches
Jan.,  2014: 32 inches (which includes 15 inches from yesterday’s storm). So, we have a grand total of 83 inches of the white stuff which has graced our landscape so far this season. That’s just one inch shy of 7 feet of snow!

The good news: Snowmobilers are having a ball and enjoying safe excursions to the outer islands. The bad news: More snow (and high winds) are in the forecast for tomorrow!

For more on how the Islanders spend these snowy days be on the lookout for the upcoming Feb. issue of NorthernIslander.