Update on Emerald Isle

 – by Elaine West –

At the July 9 meeting of the Beaver Island Transportation Authority, Director Barb Schwartzfisher reported on the situation with the Emerald Isle.

The failed engine that was transported to the Michigan Caterpillar facility in Kalkaska has been rebuilt. The engine still aboard the Emerald Isle has also been repaired following a thorough inspection. Both engines had a  bearings  issue and the crank shaft was replaced on the engine in Kalkaska.

By the end of this week (weather permitting), the engine will be barged back to the Island. On or about July 16 the engines will be aligned. There is also a required Coast Guard inspection, followed by sea trials. In a best case scenario the Emerald Isle could be back in service as early as July 19 or 20.

A full report on the engines will be coming soon to the Boat Company and the Transportation Authority.

Schwartzfisher commended the entire Boat Company staff, noting they have working 24/7 and they have the appreciation of the Transportation Authority and the entire Beaver Island community. “I am also going to nominate them for the Citizen of Year,” she said.