The little guys are named!

Donkeys now have names

They might be “small change” but made a big contribution to the Animal Fund.

By Elaine West –    

The Beaver Island Animal Fund has benefited to the tune of $260. And Andy Kohls’ two miniature donkeys now have names: Nickel and Dime (“Small Change” for short).

Michael Franckowiak submitted the winning names for two of Beaver Island’s newest and very popular residents who are living happily at the Kohls’ farm. 

Andy wants to thank Tom Kludt for such a fun, great idea. Those wishing to take a chance on naming the donkeys paid $5 per name and all the funds collected went to the BI Animal Fund.

Many great names were entered and the Kohls had a difficult time deciding on the winners. Just a sampling of the entries: Apollo & Ajax, Bevis & Buthead, Butch (Cassidy) & Sundance (Kid), Freckles, Half-Pint, Lewis & Clark,(P.T.) Barnum & Tom (Thumb), Starskey & Hutch,  and Strang & Protar.

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