Restoration project underway!

The work has started on the restoration and preservation of the beloved Beaver Island landmark, the St. James Lighttower.

St. James Lighttower being restored.

Beaver Island’s beloved landmark is being restored.

Funding (with a grant, required match and generous donations) is in place for phase 1 which entails the replacement of an estimated 2,600 bricks, mortar replacement, window repair, a new vented door, and finally the tower will be painted with a permeable paint which will allow adequate ventilation in the

All the work must be accomplished adhering to strict historic preservation standards. Even the old mortar made in the Mormon era was analyzed so it could be duplicated. Island sand will be used in creating the new mortar. Bricks similar to those used in the structure were brought to the site. 

The work is estimated to take about two months to complete.

For more on the restoration project, see the Sept. issue of NorthernIslander – on news stands now.