Popular new Island residents

Kohls new donkeys

Andy and Bill Kohls with their two darling donkeys.

They are half-brothers and true buddies, nuzzling one another and hanging together as they explore their new home on Beaver Island. And quite frankly – they are adorable!

The miniature donkeys belong to Andy and Bill Kohls, who say a steady stream of visitors have been stopping by to welcome the little guys to the Island.

The donkeys are still a little shy but Andy says they both have very sweet dispositions and seem to really enjoy the youngsters they’ve met. “Probably because the children are small, like they are,” said Andy.

Andy plans to eventually train the donkeys to pull a cart, although as they are just over one-year old, their training will not start for some time. They stand about 33 inches at the withers and most probably will grow another three inches. When fully grown, they will be strong enough to pull a cart with four passengers. Donkeys are smart creatures and live a long time, many into their 50s.

For the entire story and to learn about a contest to name the little donkeys and help our Beaver Island animal fund, please see the upcoming October issue of NorthernIslander.