Old Coast Guard Boat House has new mission

The old Coast Guard Boat House on Beaver Island’s Paradise Bay has a whole new Great Lakes mission.

Dr. Donald Uzarski conducts a tour of the new facility.

Dr. Donald Uzarski, Director of CMU’s Biological Station and the Director of the CMU Institute for Great Lakes Research, is enthusiastic about the work accomplished this winter which turned the old structure into a state of the art experimental mesocosm facility.

Each of the twelve 250-gallon tanks inside represents a small experimental aquatic ecosystem that will be filled with water from Lake Michigan. Scientists will be able to study a seemingly endless variety of aquatic life and also be able to replicate identical conditions in two or three other mesocosms, leading to sound scientific data.  The complete story and a tour of the facility with Dr. Uzarski appears in the May issue of NorthernIslander.