More than 8 feet…and counting!

snowfall on Main Street

We’ve added another 8 to 10 inches since this photo was taken last week.

Even though we’ve been inundated with the white stuff this winter, the Island folks carry on regardless.

We actually are a fairly contented group and our expectations are moderated a bit because of where we live. We know mainland excursions can be delayed or expanded in the winter months. So most are just happy when they finally get somewhere or get home again. I personally would kill for a mainland  Egg McMuffin – it’s been months since I’ve laid my teeth into one.

I sent this photo off to a number of Islanders in more moderate climates and they encouraged me to post it here and share this bit of “scenic beauty” with website readers.

But in spite of the weather we haven’t been frittering away the days. Many attended the “panning for gold” seminar that Doug Tilly held one Saturday. Attendance at the home basketball games was great and we all enjoyed the newest addition – Beaver Island cheerleaders! We go to meetings…lots and lots of meetings. And everyone tries to get to town to church on Sundays, although our efforts are again sometimes defeated by Mother  Nature.

The February issue of NorthernIslander will be out next Tuesday (once again, weather permitting) so you can read all about what we’re doing up here on beautiful and snow-covered Beaver Island!