Golden Bones & Beaver Island

    NorthernIslander Cub Reporter Steve West shows off a 31 pound golden bone. They aren’t good to eat are they? Why would you want to catch them? Because they are very changeling to catch and one of the worlds toughest fighting fish. In Europe, their native habitat, they are widely considered a prized sport fish.

The name golden bones has been applied to the common carp in recent years by writers like Field & Streams magazine’s Kirk Deeter who has written that the Beaver Archipelago offers as fine a flats fishing experience as any place in the nation. The name is a take off on the popular bone fish, also not good eats, that one sight fishes for in shallow tropical salt water.  

Steve with 31 pound fish

31 pounds of Gold!


 A “big” bone fish is 8 pounds. A big golden bone is over 30 pounds. Bone fish angling requires an expensive trip to places like remote Caribbean islands. Golden bone fishing on Beaver Island is world class. Sport anglers form as far away as Texas and California have recently come to Beaver is search of a fresh water fly rod personal best.

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