Going for the Gold!


The winning team

Jeff Powers dedicates a limmerick to team mates.

The 10th annual PABI Road Rally on May 6 was a full afternoon of fun on Beaver Island! Rally organizers Joan LaFreniere Banville, Lisa Gillespie and Liz Lanier created an island-wide course with some diabolical clues. Participants also had to collect “oddities” along the way – items like plastic ducks, shamrocks, and green beads that hung from trees and road signs. Our team thought we might pick up a wandering Beagle or two and see if we could “get extra points” added to our score but as we were pretty well jammed into the car, it was deemed a bad idea.


All participants also had to write a Rally Limerick and recite at the post-rally supper, generously provided by Dana and Eric Hodgson. It was great fun and a great fund raiser for PABI. The winners: Erik Peterson’s team! They received a magnificent faux gold trophy for their efforts!

The entire story will appear in NorthernIslander’s June issue.