Emerald Isle temporarily off of ferry schedule

The Emerald Isle is temporarily out of commission again. But there has been no engine failure, as was the case in late June.

Executive Director of the Beaver Island Transportation Authority Barb Schwartzfisher reports that a bad oil sample alert cautioned the crew that they might have a potential problem. A Michigan Caterpillar crew was dispatched immediately to the Island and arrived last night (August 22) to assess the problem.

Boat photo

The Beaver Islander will be run while the Emerald Isle is repaired.

The good news so far is that both engines seem to be fine and were not damaged in any way. The Caterpillar crew is still diagnosing the problem with the oil alert.

The schedule has been adjusted for the upcoming weekend and all those with ferry reservations contacted.

“At this point it is a mechanical issue,” said Schwartzfisher. “The system worked and will now let us find out what caused it.”

She also said that at this point they were looking at  three to five days before the issue is resolved but that will depend on the inspection by Caterpillar.

NorthernIslander will keep you updated on this matter.