Ellie’s Walk dedicated during Garden Walk

– By Elaine West –

Following the Garden Walk lunch on July 10 representatives from Central Michigan University Biological Station made a special presentation dedicating a walkway (through the Wellness Garden to Forest View Community) as “Ellie’s Walk.” 

Sue Solle, daughter of Ellie and Matt Hohn was there to receive the special sign in memory of her parents for the  trail through the wooded area, adorned with wildflowers.

Matt Hohn was a former director of CMUBS and Ellie was the first resident of Forest View. She had a great love for gardens and the couple were among the first to began the process of cataloging the flora of the Beaver Archipelago.

Bio Station manager John Gorden thanked all at CMU who had worked on Ellie’s Walk and noted

Sue Solle with sign.

Sue Solle and CMUBS Representatives with the sign honoring her parents.

Matt and Ellie’s dedication to CMUBS. “You certainly can see the impact they had on the Station,” he said.

“She (Ellie) would have loved this,” said Sue Solle. “And would have used the little walk in the woods.”

Along with wildflowers and a mulched trail, the area is enhanced by benches and a cherry tree. The tree was given by the Health Center staff in memory of Ellie.

Garden Walk organizer Leonor Jacobson thanked all who had worked on the event, helped create Ellie’s Walk, and invited all to experience the trail in the woods as they headed to Forest View for desserts.

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