Commencement held at Beaver Island Community School

The four graduates of Beaver Island Community School walked into the commencement ceremony on June 8 to “Pomp and Circumstance” played by retired BICS faculty member Judi Meister. The junior class provided an arbor of flowers and the graduates presented the blooms to their family members in recognition of their support.
The welcome was give by Principal/Superintendent Kitty McNamara, and diplomas were given (with handshakes and hugs) by Board of Education President Jessica Anderson and Board Trustee BICSGradsNancy Tritsch.
The commencement speakers were faculty members Deb Robert and Adam Richards. The two explored a number of truisms in their address to the graduates; Life lessons they could incorporate into their lives in the big world beyond Beaver Island. But there was also a call to be proud of their Island heritage.

Robert concluded her portion of the speech with, “Stand tall and be proud to be an Islander…You leave here with a top notch education, a fully developed work ethic and the greatest advantage of all: Look around you, we are all your family! God bless the Class of 2013.”

The Class of 2013: McCauley Edward Connaghan,Marissa Von Crandall, Michael Allen Pryor and Jean Paul (JP) Stigall.