CBS to do “Islands” piece this Saturday


Spring at Barney’s Lake on Beaver Island, MI.

When you hear that CBS is planning a story on “Islands” and they need photos of Beaver Island, all normal work one has planned for the day ceases. That’s exactly what happened a week ago when I got a call from the “chamber guy,” (also known as my husband, Steve), asking for the best and brightest of Island photographs…and by the way, “they needed them yesterday.”

spring at Barney's

Spring at Barney’s Lake on Beaver Island, MI.

Now I have close to 14 years worth of photos burned on CDs. Many of them are labeled with rather vague titles like Spring, Winter Shots, Nature Pics, or the catch all phrase: October Photos. October photos for 2010, for example, contained comedy group pictures, a relative’s birthday party,  lots of pretty autumn trees, some wild costumes from the Halloween party at the Shamrock, and lots of Bite of Beaver and Boodle shots.

In any event, I dug in and dug out a dozen photos that I think captured the essence of Beaver Island. They, along with yet many more photos and a video were sent in by the Chamber to the big TV network. It sure will be gratifying if we see Beaver Island featured in the Peter Greenburg piece, which is slated for this Saturday on the CBS morning show, usually appearing in the 8 a.m. hour.

Greenburg has been awarded the Emmy and is the travel editor for CBS News. He’s a regular on CBS Evening News and Sunday Morning. If you miss the Saturday Morning Show on March 1, you can see the clip on his website:

Pass the word and keep your fingers crossed to see some photos of Beaver Island!