BI Comedy Group’s Summer Shows

The Beaver Island Comedy Group is well into rehearsals for their summer season. Early cast meetings yielded script ideas and much laughter as the seven member troupe created venues for characters such as “Hardware Jeff” (who dispenses Up North style philosophy), an ever-bubbly radio host from WBEV (All Irish music, All the time!), and a couple of wild Red Hat Ladies, along with skits, stand up routines and videos.

Beaver Island Comedy Group

The troupe celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Beaver Islander.

This season John Fiegen joins the Comedy Group, which includes Phil Becker, Kimberly Read, Patrick Nugent, Jeff Powers, Elaine West and Wendy White.

Three performances are scheduled for the summer on the Community Center stage:
July 6 and August 4 (both at 8 p.m.) and Sept. 2 (at 2 p.m.).

To learn more about the Comedy Group and learn how they come up with their skits and characters, be sure to see the full story in the print addition of the July NorthernIslander.