August Dinner Canceled

The following editorial ran in the August 2012  issue of NorthernIslander.

Many are wondering why the August Dinner, a Holy Cross tradition dating back 80 years, has been canceled this year. You deserve to know why this happened.

There has been much turmoil at Holy Cross during the past year. Many parishioners have made the heart-wrenching decision to leave our little church on the hill and are now attending other Island churches. A number of parishioners have sent letters to Bishop Hebda of the Gaylord Diocese, pleading with him to remove the current priest, Father Joe Blasko. They believe his actions and statements are cruel and that the man has many unresolved anger issues. Two groups and several individuals from Holy Cross met with the Bishop and felt rebuffed in their efforts to receive assistance with the severe problems facing the parish.

Some parishioners are supportive of Father Blasko. Others are sill attending church but are so disturbed by what has happend at Holy Cross they are also considering other options for practicing their religious beliefs. It is extremely sad to see what has happened at Holy Cross, a parish that has flourished for 150 years, a place that was a rock in our Island community.

But it “takes a parish” to put on an event like the August Dinner. So many have left, others declined to participate because of the controversy. Holy Cross simply did not have enough people to carry it off.

Please do not judge anyone on any side of this matter. We are all struggling with very deep, very personal and very spiritual issues. Please pray for all of us. We are sorely troubled at Holy Cross and in need of all the goodwill and prayers you can send our way.