All Creatures Great and Small

There was a huge turnout on  Oct. 4  (the feast of St. Francis)  for the annual Pet Blessing,  held in Ft. Jim Doherty’s garage. Some two dozen dogs and Kohls’ miniature donkeys were there – little Nickel and Dime quite at home among all the assembled critters.

Pet blessing on Beaver Island.

Father Jim shows the sign of the cross on the donkey’s back.

Ft. Doherty  explained that donkeys are especially beloved by Christians,and legend says that because they carried Mary to Christ’s birthplace safely, all donkeys are marked with the sign of the cross on their backs – a dark line of fur on their spine and shoulders.

All offered prayers for their pets and Ft. Doherty sprinkled them all liberally with holy water – along with a few pet owners as well.

For more on this busy weekend on Beaver Island – the Boodle and Bite of Beaver Festival – keep an eye on this website and see our next issue of NorthernIslander.