A perfect start to “the Holidays!”

Music filled the air on Dec. 7 and 8, ushering in the Christmas season on Beaver Island! This was the 13th annual Christmas Cantata directed by Kathy Speck. Pinky Harmon and Adam Richards served as narrators.

Children await their cue.

Additions to the program this year included a children’s choir and chimes.

In the special thank you in the program written by Kathy Speck, this  year’s Christmas Cantata, “And on Earth…Peace,” was dedicated to those Island family members on active duty in the military, including Julie Sommer, Jenna Butler, Hannah Connor and Chris Shockey.

A real treat added to this year’s performance was the children’s choir: Sienna Anderson, Jadyn Johnson, Sophie McDonough, Simeon Richards, Micah Richards, Elisha Richads and Kevin James. Jadyn Johnson soloed in a beautiful rendition of “Away In a Manger.” The youngsters 
played chimes to several selections.

It was a wonderful afternoon of music and put all in the mood for the late Sunday snowfall…which has not yet quite stopped! But it certainly looks like Christmas here on Beaver Island.

For more photos of this year’s Cantata, please see the January issue of NorthernIslander.