21st Century afer school field trips

Island Rangers visit Welke's Airpot

Paul Welke explains how planes can fly to the youngsters.

Two 21st Century Learning after school field trips on Nov. 15 found younger students from Beaver Island Community School at the library. They will be visiting regularly to select books, read out loud, use the touch screen youth computer (not hooked up to the internet –  but with lots of learning tools), and playing interactive games such as literary scavenger hunts.

Following the library session, all headed out to Welke’s Airport,where Angel and Paul Welke greeted the youngsters and took them to the hanger to view the planes.  Paul explained to  the children “how an airplane can fly” and the kids all got the chance to sit in the planes and see how the instruments work. 

The after school program is now in its third year. Tutoring and homework assistance is available for all ages. Following that, students in various age groups may attend learning sessions such as “Discovery Science,” “Leggo Creators,” “Discover the World,” a sewing class, drama class and more.

For more about the 21st Century Learning program and the new site coordinator, see the upcoming December issue of NorthernIslander.