2014 PABI Ice Classic underway!

Yes, we folks who live on Beaver Island year round love to watch the ice melt! And we like to gamble a bit, too. So each year the Preservation Association of Beaver Island holds a contest – The PABI Ice Classic – to guess when the tower will fall through the harbor ice in the spring.

The Ice Classic Tower is placed.

The PABI tower was placed on the harbor’s ice on Jan. 14th.

There was no problem this year with having enough ice on the harbor to place PABI’s ice tower. On January 14 the tower was in its spot and the countdown to meltdown began. This is the 8th year for the event; imagine, the ice was too thin in 2012 to even hold the contest!
Don’t miss your opportunity to enter and win this benefit for the Beaver Island Community Center. Guess the date and time the tower will fall through the ice and win 50% of the proceeds. To enter ($5 per entry) your best guess see any PABI Board member, or enter your tickets at McDonough’s Market or at the Community Center.

For more information on mail entries: see the Community Center website at: www.BeaverIslandCommunityCenter.org.

And don’t miss out on what’s happening on the Island this frosty winter! See the upcoming issue of NorthernIslander.