Commentary Policies

Elaine West:
Publisher & Managing Editor
Steve West:
Cub Reporter & Business Manager
Wildlife Photographer: Connie Boyle
Printed at the Petoskey News Review

NorthernIslander regularly runs commentary/opinion/letters to the editor in each monthly issue. The following policy has been established for submissions:
Editorials reflect the view of the editorial staff. Columns, reviews, op ed pieces and submissions reflect the view of the writer. Letters to the editor are welcome and must be signed, with a telephone number. They should be brief (300 words) and to the point and may be edited for length, content and grammar. Personal attacks and inappropriate language will not be printed. Due to its monthly publication schedule, NorthernIslander may contact/publish those with opposing views and/or make contact to ascertain that facts presented are accurate.
Articles and announcements are also welcome. Please submit (typed or neatly printed articles) by the 15th of the month by mail or e–mail. They will be printed based on available space and timeliness. Please include your name, address and phone on any correspondence so we may contact you with any questions.
Advertisements appearing in NorthernIslander must adhere to established guidelines. The staff reserves the right to reject advertising because of space restraints or community sensibilities. New or changed advertisements must be received before the 15th of each month. Call for display ad rate sheet. Mini ads must be paid in advance. $39 for 3 months. NorthernIslander will be happy to assist you in designing your advertisement.