The ROCK Reopens!

The Hodgson family.

The Shamrock reopens today – just in time for Valentine’s Day fun! The iconic bar and restaurant has been closed this winter for renovations and Shamrock owners Eric and Dana Hodgson, and their son, Liam, took on most of the work themselves. The couple have owned the Shamrock since 1996, now going on 21 years. […] Read more »

And the wind doth blow

waves and wind

Will somebody please turn off the wind machine?! Since early this fall we’ve had some of the biggest wind storms you can imagine. I believe we’ve been under gale warnings six or seven times recently. And that wind has been very busy indeed. It has mind-melded with the dunes out on Donegal Bay, giving them […] Read more »

Oh, Christmas Tree!

A Christmas tree

Two friends called the other day with the exact same problem: they had their Christmas trees half decorated and just discovered that several strands of lights were not functional. It’s a typical but frustrating holiday dilemma. “Do you have any extra strands of colored lights,” asked one gal. I laughed. “Most people call to borrow […] Read more »

First lady of our Lighthouse!

The light keepers house

Say what you might about ‘King’ Jesse James Strang, but he sure accomplished one thing of value: He lobbied hard for both lighthouses built on Beaver Island. He strongly believed they would help bring the shipping trade which would assist with the economic development of the community. As a youngster growing up among Strang’s Mormon […] Read more »

An autumn day on the Island – Perfection!

Fall colors are vivid

The Island is into its quiet season. Downtown seems sleepy even at 9 or 10 in the morning. And you’re likely to only run into one or two other cars on the road in. A recent trip to McDonough’s Market found the scent of bacon in the air and customer noses held high on the […] Read more »