An autumn day on the Island – Perfection!

Fall colors are vivid

The Island is into its quiet season. Downtown seems sleepy even at 9 or 10 in the morning. And you’re likely to only run into one or two other cars on the road in. A recent trip to McDonough’s Market found the scent of bacon in the air and customer noses held high on the […] Read more »

Aunt Helen celebrates her 100th!!!

The great grandkids with everyone's Aunt Helen on her 100th birthday.

It’s Monday and I’m a bit behind in getting myself up and motivated to do any work today. That’s because I had one heck of a fun-filled weekend celebrating my mother’s 100th birthday! Helen (LaFreniere) Pike was born and raised on Beaver Island. She and husband John (Dave) managed the King Strang Hotel for a […] Read more »

Spoiler Alert: This column IS politically incorrect

An irritating day

My mother will be celebrating her 100th birthday in just a few days. She says one of the best things about getting really old is that you can say, “whatever the hell you want.” I think I’ve been doing that for a long time now. And I’m not even nearing the century mark. In fact, […] Read more »

The end of summer…hot and humid!

Frogs in a pond.

These little guys pictured here seem to be the only living creatures really enjoying the humid weather of the last few weeks. My dogs are shedding big time. The new wood flooring has a slight haze of dog hair clinging to it. At times the hair seems to magnetically attract fellow hairs and they form […] Read more »

Shine ON! LED now installed in Light Tower

The beloved St. James Harbor Light continues to send a welcoming beacon to those traveling across Lake Michigan. But that light is now generated by an LED, installed by a Coast Guard Crew on July 12. The former beacon, a 4th order Fresnel lens, was partly dismantled by lampist Capt. Kurt Fosburg of Superior Lighthouse […] Read more »